So many people have written about procrastination. So many people have delayed and postponed writing about procrastination, so why oh why would I bother. Isn’t it better to play one more round of Clash Royale, maybe clean the cupboards, fold linen or whatever. Professionally procrastination comes into play when you lose inspiration. An inspired mindContinue reading “Procrastination”

Innovation and change

What is an innovation? And what is a change in business? Is it a change if prices go up and then down (discount sale)? Under what circumstances would the customers see price changes as something new, as an innovation? How small a change can be to count as novel? The answers depend on the specificsContinue reading “Innovation and change”

Innovation and Black Friday

Black Friday innovation is usually seen mainly from retail, channel and shopper experience perspective. That it is,  similar to singles day and other similar established seasonal shopping sprees. There is an underlying innovation cycle, too. The products are current, latest and greatest, new models and the roll-out is recent so that customer perception of newContinue reading “Innovation and Black Friday”

AI is a good tool

Opinion piece in NYT confirms once again Ainolabs bias about the immense usefulness of ML and fundamental futility of human equivalent AI. “… there is no such thing as disembodied understanding. Your neural, chemical and bodily responses are in continual conversation with one another, so both understanding and experiencing are mental and physical simultaneously. “Continue reading “AI is a good tool”

Saying “No” is hard

You are busy. So am I, so is your colleague, and everyone else. Busy is almost a virtue. Too much to do, too much on your plate, deadlines rushing in, write an offer here, respond to that, report the latest by morning – all that surely means you are creating value and your contribution isContinue reading “Saying “No” is hard”