We use AI to make sure your team never drops the ball
on your promises.

Task Management using AI

Ainolabs is a startup, which develops and sells AI based Robot Coaches as services. Our coaches can listen and talk, read and write on telephone, Microsoft Teams, Google Meet, Zoom and other calls and chats. Our coaches are based on speech recognition, text to speech engines, rule based reasoning, and Conversational Design. We make using coaches enjoyable and productive.

Dropped balls, interrupted experts? Robot Coaches help!

Task management is for creative and expert staff what ERP and process control is for production staff. Try Task management and Ainolabs’ Robot Coaches and you’ll see order of magnitude reductions is task drop-off, or dropped balls, and interruptions – giving 10x improvements in productivity.

Task Management Automation is coming fast and big – are you prepared?

Gartner forecasts that by 2024 69% of managers’ routine work will be automated.

Are you ready to try Ainolabs and join our clients tp prepare for a substantial competitive advantage over your rivals?

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