Do you need a mentor?

Do you feel like you need a mentor, but

  • You cannot find one,
  • They have a hard time following your schedule
  • They are too expensive for you,
  • You need a confidential mentor and can’t find you can fully trust.

We at AinoLabs have created an AI based mentor just for you. The mentor will use methods from well respected institutions, such as the Harvard University mentoring method, the Jay Chiat 24×3 method and the tools of the Agile Daily scrum and postmortem.

Our AI MentorBot is available on your mobile phone and in your browser and is usable using both speech and chat in any combination you find best suits your needs.

MentorBot is available 24/7, it”s free to try and you only pay for the use of MentorBot after the free trial is over.

Do you sometimes feel like it’s hard at work?

Works is hard. Many of us don’t have a trusted someone to talk to about our day to day and long term issues at work. It can be especially hard on independent professionals either at corporate positions or those of us, who are entrepeneurs or solopreneurs ourself. 

Do you feel like having someone to vent to and talk would help? Would you be willing to hear advice from methods based on research? Do you want help to get what you want? Do you want to avoid the traps on your path to personal and job satisfaction and success?

We are currently in the alpha trials of a chatbot with extreme ability to help you clear your mind of clutter, understand what you need to do to achieve what you want to accomplish and help you accomplish it. 

Who needs a mentor?

According to studies everybody benefits from a mentor. Our mentors have been created for situations like:

  • Entrepreneurs and founders who want to build their businesses
  • Self-employed professionals
  • Overachievers in any profession
  • Work-life balancing actors

If you need to articulate your goal, set the bar and hope to raise it – sign up for the waitlist of our free trial now!

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