So many people have written about procrastination. So many people have delayed and postponed writing about procrastination, so why oh why would I bother. Isn’t it better to play one more round of Clash Royale, maybe clean the cupboards, fold linen or whatever.

Professionally procrastination comes into play when you lose inspiration. An inspired mind and body will just keep on going, unless exhausted or otherwise stalled. A hobby, no matter how trivial or silly, is by definition inspirational, so how come the work can become something else?

Occasionally it does, and when that happens you can try to grit yourself through that, push harder, “get things done” – or you can ask “if it seems I don’t want to do this, I’d rather clean the toilet – is this job worth doing”.

I have no answers to that question, only the question. If you are stuck, can’t motivate yourself, and procrastinate over a thing – Was it worth doing in the first place?

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