Dropped balls, interrupted experts? Robotti helps!

You asked me to do something. So did Jane, Harry and Dick, and at the end of the day I no longer remembered what I was planning to do. My ball was dropped today, and I’ll need to pick it up again tomorrow.

The was something that Jack mentioned about having to continue where he left off, but I’m not quite sure and we had a just a fleeting moment. Maybe he’ll get back to me again on that topic.

Sound familiar? Balls are dropped, or in fancier terms, Task Drop Offs happen all over the place.

Dropped ball means the jobs is not done, it bugs you, or your manager, or your customer, and someone will need to take care of it, usually late, often last moment, in a rush – producing poor quality late at high cost.

Balls are dropped, or task drop-offs happen for natural reasons. Humans are good for many things, but not for remembering a lot of details. Ainolabs Robotti is, and that is how it can help eliminate dropped tasks.

So you asked me something, so did Jane, Harry, Dick and others. Fortunately I could call Ainolabs Robotti and ask her to remind me of Jane and Harry and suggest that she brings Dick’s request up with Sally. About others I asked Robotti to get in touch with our Operations Manager.

And that’s what Robotti did. I focused on the task at hand, helped Jane and Harry, and we all were done with our tasks by lunchtime. Same happened for Dick once Sally had a suitable moment to help him.

Operations Manager was also happy. Ainolabs Robotti her told about these tasks, and suggested that today’s Operational Management Activities should focus on those external requests.

Read more about how Robotti picks up dropped balls here:

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