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MentorBot helps you with stressful situations at work, long term career success, and work-life balance.
See if MentorBot can help you.
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MentorBot is an AI-based partner for you to speak and chat with. MentorBot will not judge you or blame you and is as easily approachable as possible.

We guarantee your privacy. Your e-mail address will not be used in for marketing or otherwise except for sending you e-mail (that you can unsubscribe to, if you will), about the beta program. You can trust us, no strings attached.

No cost, no commitment, you can stop the trial whenever you want, works on modern browsers on your phone, tablet and laptop.

Your personal information such as name and e-mail are kept only for the purpose of keeping in touch with you.

Anything you say to the bot may be used for MentorBot development and quality improvements. It will not be used for any other purpose.

No information about you will be shared with third parties.

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